Lone Star Posters is here for your needs.

Our inventory is made up almost entirely of limited edition posters and prints. This means that the inventory is really volatile and occasionally a poster is listed on our site that is not in stock (sometimes we will sell out and simply are unable to edit our inventory quickly enough). Most of the posters are silk-screened with high-grade inks on different types of high quality paper stock (index, vellum, etc.). These are stored flat in a cool, dry, and smoke free environment. To prepare for shipping they are then rolled in butcher or craft paper and shipped in custom made heavy-duty tubes. All posters are signed by the artists unless otherwise noted. Most of the posters are numbered editions, some are denoted A/P denoting that it is an artist's proof from the artist's very limited personal collection.

We ship three days a week and prefer payment through by PayPal. If need be, we will accept money orders - please communicate with us if you choose to ship this way so that we will watch for your payment. Shipping is $12 for domestic and $25 for overseas destinations.

For money orders, please email us before sending payment for a total and then send payment to:

John Anderson
4901 Milwee St #206
Houston TX 77092


The quantities of these posters are limited. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. All purchases are final. Returns are accepted if posters are shipped back to us undamaged. We are not responsible for return shipping charges. Sorry no cash refunds, credit only on returns.

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